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National Industrial Classification - India - 5 Digit Codes


01405 Cotton ginning, cleaning and baling
05011 Fishing on commercial basis in ocean, sea and coastal areas
05012 Fishing on commercial basis in inland waters.
10203 Cleaning, sizing and pulverising of lignite
11101 Off shore extraction of petroleum
11102 On shore extraction of petroleum
11103 Off shore extraction of natural gas
11204 On shore extraction of natural gas
11201 Services incidental to off shore oil extraction
11202 Services incidental to on shore oil extraction
11203 Services incidental to off shore gas extraction
11204 Services incidental to on shore gas extraction

13100 Mining of iron ores [includes mining of hematite, magnetite, limonite, siderite or
taconite etc. which are valued chiefly for iron content. Production of sintered iron ores is also
13203 Mining of aluminium ores (bauxite)

14102 Quarrying of granite
14104 Mining of dolomite
14105 Mining of gypsum including selenite
14106 Operation of sand or gravel pits, basalt / porphyry, clay (ordinary ) , crushing and breaking
of stone for use as a flux or raw material in lime or cement manufacture or as building
material, road metal or ballast and other materials for construction.
14108 Mining of clays (kaolin, ball clay, wollastonite, bentonite, fuller‟s earth, fire clay etc.)
14109 Mining of refractory non-clay minerals (andalusite, kyanite, sillimanite, dunite diaspore,
magnesite and pyrophyllite).
14221 Salt mining, quarrying, screening etc.
14297 Mining of felspar and silica minerals including quartz, quartzite and fuch. quartzite.

15111 Mutton-slaughtering,
15116 Processing and canning of meat
15122 Artificial dehydration of fish and sea food
15124 Processing and canning of fish
15132 Artificial dehydration of fruit and vegetables
15134 Manufacturing of fruit/vegetable juices and their concentrates, squashes and powder
15135 Manufacture of sauces, jams, jellies and marmalades
15136 Manufacture of pickles, chutneys, murabbas etc.
15137 Canning of fruit and vegetables
15141 Manufacture of hydrogenated oils and vanaspati ghee etc.
15201 Manufacture of milk powder, ice-cream powder and condensed milk except baby milk foods
15203 Manufacture of butter, cream, ghee, cheese and khoya etc.
15204 Manufacture of pasteurized milk whether or not in bottles/ polythene packs etc. (plain or
15205 Manufacture of ice-cream and kulfi etc.
15311 Flour milling
15312 Rice milling
15313 Dal milling
15318 Manufacture of other readymade mixed powders like idli, gulabjamun etc.
15321 Manufacture of starch
15323 Manufacture of glucose & glucose syrup, maltose
15331 Manufacture of cattle feed
15332 Manufacture of poultry feed
15412 Manufacture of biscuits, cakes and pastries
15421 Manufacture and refining of sugar (vacuum pan sugar factories)
15422 Manufacture of `gur‟from sugar cane
15424 Manufacture of `khandsari‟ sugar from sugar cane
15428 Manufacture of molasses
15432 Manufacture of sugar confectionery (except sweetmeats)
15440 Manufacture of marconi, noodles, couscous and similar farinaceous products
15492 Coffee curing, roasting, grinding and blending etc. including manufacture of instant coffee,
chicory and other coffee substitutes, essence of concentrates of coffee.
15494 Manufacture of malted foods including food for infants and invalids
15495 Grinding and processing of spices
15496 Manufacture of papads, appalam and similar food products
15533 Manufacture of malt
15541 Manufacture of aerated drinks
15543 Manufacture of mineral water
15544 Manufacture of ice
15545 Manufacture of soft drinks

16001 Tobacco stemming, re drying etc. of tobacco leaf.
16002 Manufacture of bidi
16003 Manufacture of cigarette and cigarette tobacco
16004 Manufacture of snuff
16006 Manufacture of `zarda‟
16007 Manufacture of catechu (katha) and chewing lime
16008 Manufacture of pan masala and related products.

17111 Preparation and spinning of textile fiber including weaving of textiles (excluding
17114 Preparation and spinning of man-made fiber including blended* man-made fiber.
17115 Weaving, manufacture of cotton and cotton mixture fabrics.
17116 Weaving, manufacture of silk and silk mixture fabrics.
17117 Weaving, manufacture of wool and wool mixture fabrics.
17118 Weaving, manufacturing of man-made fiber and man-made mixture fabrics.
17121 Finishing of cotton and blended cotton textiles.
17122 Finishing of silk and blended silk textiles.
17123 Finishing of wool and blended wool textiles.
17124 Finishing of man-made and blended man-made textiles.
17126 Activity related to screen printing
17132 Weaving of cotton khadi
17133 Weaving of cotton textiles on handlooms
17135 Weaving of woolen and silk khadi
17136 Weaving of wool and silk on handlooms
17137 Weaving of artificial/synthetic textile fabrics on handlooms
17141 Bleaching, dyeing and finishing of cotton cloth and yarn by hand printing of cloth by hand
17145 Bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing of artificial/synthetic textile fabrics by hand
17211 Manufacture of curtains, bed-covers and furnishings.
17214 Manufacture of bedding, quilts, pillows, cushions and sleeping bags (manufacture of coir
foam mattresses and pillows is classified in class 3610)
17215 Manufacture of tarpaulin
17221 Manufacture of blankets shawls
17222 Manufacture of cotton carpets
17223 Manufacture of woolen carpets
17224 Manufacture of silk carpets
17225 Manufacture of durries, druggets and rugs
1723 Manufacture of cordage, rope, twine and netting
17231 Manufacture of thread, including thread ball making
17233 Manufacture of coir rope and cordage
17241 Embroidery work by hand
17242 Zari work by hand
17243 Making of laces and fringes by hand
17251 Manufacture of blankets and shawls by hand
17252 Manufacture of cotton carpets by hand
17255 Manufacture of durries, druggets and rugs by hand
17291 Embroidery work and making of laces and fringes other than by hand
17292 Zari work and making of other ornamental trimmings other than by hand
17295 Manufacture of made-up canvas goods such as tents and sails etc.
17296 Manufacture of wadding of textile materials and articles of wadding such as sanitary towels
and tampons
17298 Manufacture of waterproof textile excluding Tarpaulin.
17301 Manufacture of knitted and crocheted cotton textile products
17302 Manufacture of knitted and crocheted woolen textile products
17303 Manufacture of knitted and crocheted synthetic textile products

18101 Manufacture of all types of textile garments and clothing accessories
18102 Manufacture of rain coats of waterproof textile fabrics or plastic sheetings
18104 Manufacture of wearing apparel of leather and substitutes of leather
18202 Manufacture of wearing apparel of fur and pelts
18204 Embroidering and embossing of leather articles

19112 Tanning and finishing of sole leather
19115 Crome tanning of leather
19116 Finishing of upper leather, lining leather and garment leather etc.
19121 Manufacture of travel goods like suitcases, bags and hold alls etc.
19122 Manufacture of purses and other ladies handbags, artistic leather presented articles and
novelties etc.
19123 Manufacture of saddlery and harness
19201 Manufacture of footwear (excluding repair) except of vulcalized or moulded rubber or plastic.
19202 Manufacture of footwear made primarily of vulcalized or moulded rubber and plastic. This
class includes manufacture of rubber footwear, plastic & PVC, canvas -cum-rubber/plastic
footwear etc. including sports footwear.

20101 Sawing and planing of wood (other than plywood)
20211 Manufacture of plywood and veneer sheets
20212 Manufacture of flush doors and other boards or panels
20231 Manufacture of wooden boxes, barrels etc. (except plywood)
20232 Manufacture of plywood chests
20233 Manufacture of market basketry, grain storage bins, ration baskets including baskets madeup
from rachis (toddy tree) and similar product made from bambooand reed etc.
20239 Manufacture of other wooden containers and products made entirely or mainly of cane,
rattan, bamboo, willow, fibres, leaves and grass n.e.c.
20291 Manufacture of wooden industrial goods
20293 Manufacture of bamboo and cane article and fixture of bamboo, cane, reed and grass
products (thatching etc.)
20295 Manufacture of wooden agricultural implements
20296 Manufacture from cane and bamboo of shopping bags, ornament boxes, costume articles,
trays, table lamps, fancy baskets, table mats, tumbler and vessel holders and other
household utilities

21012 Manufacture of paper incl. Printing & writing paper
21013 Manufacture of newsprint
21014 Manufacture of packaging paper
21015 Manufacture of paper board and straw board
21021 Manufacture of sacks & paper bags
21022 Manufacture of card board boxes
21023 Manufacture of corrugated fiber board containers
21024 Manufacture of corrugated paper board

22190 Other publishing [includes publishing of photos and postcards, greeting cards, time-tables,
forms, posters or other printed matters.]
22211 Printing but not publishing of newspapers
22219 Printing and allied activities like screen printing other then textile, n.e.c.
22221 Engraving, etching and block making etc.
22222 Book binding on account of others

23201 Production of liquid or gaseous fuels, illuminating oils, lubricating oils or greases or other
products from crude petroleum or bituminous minerals
23202 Manufacture of paraffin wax
23203 Bottling of LPG
23209 Manufacture of other petroleum products n.e.c. (includes manufacture of petroleum jelly,
micro-crystalline petroleum wax, slack wax, ozokerite, lignite wax, petroleum coke,
petroleum bitumen and other residues of petroleum oils or of oils obtained from bituminous
minerals. Manufacture of candles is classified in

24111 Manufacture of industrial gases (includes manufacture of elemental gases, liquid or
compressed air, acetylene refrigerant gases and mixed industrial gases etc.)
24211 Manufacture of inorganic acids
24113 Manufacture of tanning or dying extracts; tannings and their derivatives and colouring matter
24114 Manufacture of dyes (includes manufacture of such dyes and colouring matters which are for
final use by household/industrial/institutional consumers, manufacture of special dyes used
in laboratories e.g. to colour microscopic preparations is also included)
24115 Manufacture of turpentine and resins of vegetable origin
24121 Manufacture of nitric acid, ammonia, commercial ammonium chloride, nitrates of potassium
and other basic chemicals of nitrogenous fertilizer industry
24122 Manufacture of straight inorganic fertilizers
24123 Manufacture of urea and other organic fertilizers
24124 Manufacture of mixed, compound or complex fertilizers
24131 Manufacture of synthetic rubber in primary forms
24211 Manufacture of insecticides, fungicides and weedicides
24222 Manufacture of paints, varnishes and similar coatings,
24221 Manufacture of prepared pigments, prepared pacifiers and prepared colours, vitrifiable
enamels and glazes enrobes and similar preparations of a kind used in the ceramic,
enameling or glass industry
24222 Manufacture of paints, varnishes, enamels or lacquers
24223 Manufacture of printing ink (manufacture of writing or drawing ink is classified in sub-class
24231 Manufacture of chemical substances used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals:
antibiotics, endocrine products, basic vitamins; opium derivatives; sulpha drugs;
24232 Manufacture of allopathic pharmaceutical preparations
24233 Manufacture of „ayurvedic‟ or „unani‟ pharmaceutical preparation
24234 Manufacture of homoeopathic or biochemical pharmaceutical preparations
24235 Manufacture of veterinary preparations
24236 Manufacture of surgical dressings, medicated wadding, fracture bandages, catgut and other
prepared sutures
24241 Manufacture of soaps all types (includes medicated soap, household soaps, rosin,
naphthenate soaps and industrial soaps)
24242 Manufacture of waxes & polishes (includes manufacture of artificial waxes, prepared waxes;
polishes and creams for footwear, furniture, floor, coachwork, glass or metals and scouringpastes/powders
and similar preparations)
24244 Manufacture of perfumes and cologne de-eau
24245 Manufacture of preparations for oral or dental hygiene (includes manufacture of tooth
pastes, tooth powder, mouth wash, oral, perfumes, dental fixative pastes and powders etc.)
24246 Manufacture of cosmetics and toileteries (includes manufacture of pre-shave, shaving or
after shave preparations; personal deodorants and anti-respirants; perfumed bath salts and
other bath preparations; beauty or make-up preparations and preparations for the care of
the skin, other than medicaments; manicure and pedicure preparations etc.)
24247 Manufacture of hair oil, shampoo, hair dye etc. (includes manufacture of shampoos, hair
sprays, hair fixers, hair oils, hair creams, hair dyes and bleaches and preparations for
permanent waving or straightening of the hair etc.)
24248 Manufacture of “Agarbatti” and other odoriferous preparations which operate by burning
24291 Manufacture of matches
24292 Manufacture of explosive, ammunition and fire works
24298 Manufacture of processed salt

25111 Manufacture of tyres and tubes for motor vehicle, tractors and aircrafts
25112 Manufacture of tyres and tubes for motor cycles, scooters and three-wheelers
25113 Manufacture of tyres and tubes for cycles & cycle rickshaws
25114 Retreading of tyres; replacing of tread on used pneumatic tyres
25191 Manufacture of rubber plates, sheets, strips, rods, tubes, pipes, hoses and profile-shapes etc.
25192 Manufacture of rubber conveyor or transmission belts or belting
25193 Manufacture of rubber contraceptives
25194 Manufacture of rubber balloons
25201 Manufacture of semi -finished products of plastics
25202 Manufacture of packing products of plastics (except household)
25203 Manufacture of bathing tubs, wash-basins, lavatory pans and covers, flushing cisterns and
similar sanitary-ware of plastics
25204 Manufacture of travel goods of plastics (suitcase, vanity bags, holdalls and similar
25205 Manufacture of spectacle frames of plastic
25206 Manufacture of moulded industrial accessories of plastics [including electrical insulating
fittings of plastics]
25207 Manufacture of tableware, kitchenware and other household articles and toilet articles of
plastic, including manufacture of vacuum flasks and other vacuum vessels
25208 Manufacture of plastic headgear (helmets)

26101 Manufacture of glass in primary and semi manufactured forms (such as sheets & plates)
including mirror sheets and wired, colored, tinted, toughened or laminated glass
26103 Manufacture of hollow glassware
26105 Manufacture of table and kitchen glassware
26911 Manufacture of articles of porcelain or china, earthernware, imitation porcelain or common
26913 Manufacture of ceramic tableware and other articles
26915 Manufacture of ceramic insulators and insulating fittings for electrical machines,
appliances and equipments
26921 Manufacture of refractory bricks, blocks, tiles and similar refractory ceramic constructional
26931 Manufacture of bricks
26932 Manufacture of non-refractory ceramic pipes, conduits, and guttering pipe fittings
26933 Manufacture of ceramic building material, other than bricks: flooring blocks, roofing tiles,
wall tiles (whether or not glazed), flags and paving, mosaic cubes etc.
25914 Manufacture of ceramic sanitary wares: sinks, baths, water-closet pans, flushing
26915 Manufacture of ceramic insulators and insulating fittings for electrical machines,
26921 Manufacture of refractory bricks, blocks tiles and similar refractory ceramic
26922 Manufacture of refractory cements; ceramic products that can withstand the high
temperature encountered in metallurgical operations; retorts, crucibles, muffles,
26941 Manufacture of cement in the form of clinkers
26942 Manufacture of Portland cement, aluminous cement, slag cement and similar hydraulic
cement, except in the form of clinkers
26943 Manufacture of asbestos cement
26953 Manufacture of asbestos sheets
26954 Manufacture of R.C.C. bricks and blocks
26955 Manufacture of concrete tiles
26956 Manufacture of Hume pipes and other pre-fabricated structural components of cement and/or
concrete for building or civil engineering
26960 Cutting, shaping and finishing of stone [includes cutting, shaping and finishing stone for use
in construction, in cemeteries, on roads, as roofing and in other applications]

27110 Manufacture of Ferro alloys.
27120 Manufacture of Direct Reduced Iron (DRI)/Sponge Iron and other spongy ferrous
27130 Manufacture of Pig Iron (hot metal).
27141 Manufacture of semi -finished non ally steel of these shapes
27142 Manufacture of semi -finished alloy steel of these shapes
27143 Manufacture of semi -finished stainless steel of these shapes
27151 Manufacture of alloy-steel of these shapes
27152 Manufacture of non-alloy steel of these shapes
27153 Manufacture of stainless steel of these shapes
27161 Manufacture of non-alloy steel hot rolled flat products (including plates, sheets, strips, wide
27162 Manufacture of alloy steel hot rolled flat products (including plates, sheets, strips, wide coils)
27163 Manufacture of stainless steel hot rolled flat products (including plated sheets, strips, wide
27164 Manufacture of non-alloy steel cold rolled flat products (including sheets, strips, wide coils,
27165 Manufacture of alloy steel cold rolled flat products
27172 Manufacture of Tinplate
27181 Manufacture of non-alloy steel wires
27182 Manufacture of alloy steel wires
27183 Manufacture of stainless steel wires
27184 Manufacture of wires coated with zinc or other materials
27201 Manufacturing of Copper (includes basic processing, smelting, refining for production of base
metal; its further rolling, drawing and extruding; and production of powders or flakes, foil,
plates, sheets or strip, bars, rods, profiles, wires, tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings)
27202 Manufacturing of Brass (includes the making of brass and its further rolling, drawing and
extruding; and production of powders or flakes, foil, plates, sheets or strip, bars, rods,
profiles, wires, tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings)
27203 Manufacturing of Aluminum (includes basic processing, smelting, refining for production of
base metal; its further rolling, drawing and extruding; and production of powders or flakes,
foil, plates, sheets or strip, bars, rods, profiles, wires, tubes, pipes and tube or pipe fittings)
27310 Casting of iron and steel
27320 Casting of non-ferrous metals

28111 Manufacture of doors, windows and their frames, shutters and rolling shutters ; fire escapes,
gates and similar articles of iron or steel used on buildings
28112 Manufacture of fabricated structural products of iron or steel: bridges and bridge parts,
towers, masts, columns, girders, trusses, arches, sluice gates, piers and jetties. Erection of
the structures from self-manufactured parts is included
28113 Manufacture of fabricated structural products of metal other than of iron or steel
28121 Manufacture of containers of metal for compressed or liquefied gas such as gas cylinders
28122 Manufacture of tanks, reservoirs and similar containers
28123 Manufacture of central heating boilers, radiators and its parts and accessories
28128 Repair and maintenance of tanks, reservoirs and containers of metal
28131 Manufacture of steam or other vapor generating boilers and hot water boilers other than
central heating boilers
28133 Manufacture of auxiliary plant for use with boilers, such as economizers, super heaters,
steam collectors and accumulators; soot removers, gas recoverers and sludge scrapers and
their parts and accessories
28138 Repair and maintenance of steam generators, except central heating hot water boilers
28910 Forging, pressing, stamping and roll-forming of metal; powder metallurgy
28931 Manufacture of metal articles in and about the house: knives and knife blades; other articles
of cutlery; including cleavers and choppers, razors and razor blades, scissors, hair clippers
and nail clippers; spoons, forks, ladles, skimmers, fish knives, tongs and other articles for
use at table or in the kitchen
28932 Manufacture of tools of a kind used in agriculture, horticulture or forestry; of a kind used in
carpentry, cabinet work or other wood work; of a kind used for mechanical assembly work;
of a kind used in sheet metal work; and in other trades
28939 Manufacture of general hardware n.e.c.
28991 Manufacture of metal fasteners (nails, rivets, tacks, pins, staples, washers and similar nonthreaded
products and nuts, bolts, screws and other threaded products); springs including
semi-finished springs for all purposes other than watch springs; metal chains (other than
power transmission chains) and weights and measures
28992 Manufacture of containers used for packing or conveyance of goods: casks, drums, pails,
cans, boxes etc. (manufacture of railway and ship containers used in container-traffic is
classified 3420)
28993 Manufacture of reinforced safes, vaults, strong room doors and gates and the like
28994 Manufacture of metal sanitary ware, including baths, sinks, wash basins, and other metal
sanitary and toilet articles, whether or not enamled
28996 Manufacture of hollow-ware, dinnerware or flatware whether or not of base metal plated with
precious metal; fry pans, sauce pans, and other metal cooking utensils
28997 Manufacture of pressure cookers and other small hand operated kitchen appliances used in
preparation, conditioning or serving of food
28998(A) Repair and maintenance of other fabricated metal products n.e.c.

29111 Manufacture of steam engines and turbines
29112 Manufacture of reciprocator or rotary spark-ignition or compression-ignition internal
combustion piston engines for use in moving or stationary applications
29113 Manufacture of parts and accessories of engines and turbines.
29118 Repair and maintenance of engines and turbines, except aircraft, vehicle and cycle
29119 Manufacture of other movers n.e.c. hydraulic turbines, water wheels and their regulatory
machinery; gas turbines for marine propulsion or for use as prime movers of electric
generators or pumps; boiler-turbine set or a stationary steam engine with integral boiler.
29121 Manufacture of pumps, compressors, taps and valves
29128 Repair and maintenance of pumps, compressors, taps and valves
29131 Manufacture of bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements
29138 Repair and maintenance of bearings, gears, gearing and driving elements
29141 Manufacture of non-electric furnaces and ovens for roasting, melting or other heat
treatment of ores, pyrites, non-metallic minerals, metals or other materials; manufacture of
mechanical stokers, mechanical grates, mechanical ash dischargers and similar appliances
29142 Manufacture of electric furnaces or ovens, including induction or dielectric furnaces and
ovens including incinerators and industrial heaters
29148 Repair and maintenance of ovens, furnaces and furnace burners
29149 Manufacture of other ovens, furnaces and furnace burners n.e.c.
29151 Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment
29158 Repair and maintenance of lifting and handling equipment
29191 Manufacture of refrigerators or freezing equipment for commercial and other nonhousehold
purposes and assemblies of their major components e.g. compressors and
condensers mounted on a common platform even though motor, evaporator or cabinet is
missing;; furniture designed to accommodate refrigeration of freezing equipment.
29192 Manufacture of domestic air-conditioners.
29193 Manufacture of fire extinguishers and other equipment for projecting, dispersing or spraying liquids or powders whether or not hand-operated, including sand blasting machines, stream cleaning machines etc.
29194 Manufacture of centrifuges machinery for liquids and gases, other than cream separators or clothes dryers
29195 Manufacture of packing and wrapping machinery including machines which perform one or more of such functions as filling, closing, sealing, capsuling or labeling containers such as bottles, cans, boxes or bags; machinery for cleaning or drying bottles or other containers or for aerating beverages.
29196 Manufacture of weighing machinery other than sensitive laboratory balances: household and shop scales, portable or mobile platform scales, scales for continuous weighing of goods, scales for weighing a continuous flow of liquid, weigh bridges and so forth, including weighing machinery incorporating calculators etc.
29197 Manufacture of filtering and purifying machinery or apparatus for liquids and gases
29198 Manufacture of distilling and rectifying plants; heat exchangers; machinery for liquefying air or gas; producer gas or water gas and acetylene gas generators.
29198 (A) Repair and maintenance of other general purpose machinery
29199 Manufacture of other general purpose machinery: fans intended for industrial applications, exhaust hoods for commercial, laboratory or industrial use; calendaring or other rolling machines other than for metals or glass; gaskets and similar joints made of a combination of materials or layers of the same material and other general purpose machinery n.e.c., including manufacture of parts and accessories for general purpose machinery and equipment.
29211 Manufacture of tractors, harvesters and other heavy machinery for use in agricultural and forestry(manufacture of over-the-road tractors for semi -trailers is classified in class 3410)
29212 Manufacture of light agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment other than
forage press: ploughs, harrows, weeders, hoes, seeders, manure spreaders, thinners etc.
29214 Manufacture of parts and accessories for agricultural and forestry machinery and equipment
29218 Repair and maintenance of agricultural and forestry machinery
29221 Manufacture of automatic capstans and turrets and lathes
29222 Manufacture of boring, broaching, drilling and threading machines
29223 Manufacture of milling, planning, shaping, gear cutting and slotting machines
29224 Manufacture of grinding, lapping, honing and polishing machines
29225 Manufacture of sawing, contour sawing, filling and cut-off machines
29228 Repair and maintenance of machine-tools
29231 Manufacture of machinery for metallurgy: converters, ingot moulds, ladles and casting machines; metal rolling mills and rolls for such mills
29238 Repair and maintenance of machinery for metallurgy: converters, ingot moulds, ladles and casting machines; metal rolling mills and rolls for such mills
29241 Manufacture of lifting and handling machinery specially designed for use underground
29242 Manufacture of boring and sinking machinery
29243 Manufacture of machinery for treating minerals by screening, sorting, separating or similar processes
29244 Manufacture of bulldozers, angle-dozers and other earth moving machinery; manufacture of pile drivers, pile excavators and compacting machinery
29245 Manufacture of track-laying tractors used in construction or mining
29246 Manufacture of parts and accessories for machinery/equipment used by construction and mining industries
29248 (A) Repair and maintenance of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction
29251 Manufacture of machinery for dairy industry and for processing of meat, fish and poultry
29253 Manufacture of machinery chiefly employed by grain milling industry and for the oil mills: machinery to clean, sort or grade seed, grain or dried leguminous vegetables; machinery used to produce flour, meal or other ground products; machinery for the extration or preparation of animal or fixed vegetable fats and oils.
29254 Manufacture of machinery for manufacture of sugar and for manufacture of bakery and confectionery products
29255 Manufacture of machinery for manufacture of fruit/vegetable juices, malt liquors and alcoholic beverages including machinery for processing vegetables
29256 Manufacture of parts and accessories of machinery for industrial preparation or manufacture of food or drink.
29258 Repair and maintenance of machinery for food, beverage and tobacco processing
29261 Manufacture of machinery for preparation of textile fibers upto spinning stage and other similar machines, including ginning machinery.
29262 Manufacture of spinning machines for preparing textile yarns for weaving knitting
29264 Manufacture of machinery for washing, bleaching, dyeing, dressing, finishing coating or impregnating textile yarns, fabrics or made up apparel,; machines for applying paste to the base fabric or other support used in the manufacture of linoleum or similar floor coverings; machines for reeling, unreeling, folding, cutting or pinking textile fabrics.
29265 Manufacture of sewing and knitting machines: sewing machines of all types (including those for household use) and its heads.
29266 Manufacture of machinery for preparing, tanning or working hides, skins and leather; machinery for making or repairing footwear or other articles of hides, skins, leather of fur skins.
29267 Manufacture of laundry-type washing and drying machines and dry–cleaning machines; ironing machines including fusing presses, (manufacture of centrifugal clothes dryers is classified in class 2929)
29268 Manufacture of accessories and parts of all types of machinery for textile, apparel and leather production.
29268(A) Repair and maintenance of machinery for textile, apparel and leather production
29291 Manufacturing of machinery for working rubber or plastics or for manufacturing of products of these materials.
29292 Manufacture of machinery for producing tiles, bricks, shaped ceramic pastes, pipes, graphite electrodes, blackboard chalk, and foundry moulds etc.
29293 Manufacture of machinery for pulp, paper and paper board industries machinery for producing paper of a given size or shape or for producing articles such as envelopes, bags, boxes or cartons.
29294 Manufacture of printing machinery (presses, screen printers and other special printing machines), type-founding machinery; typesetting machinery; machines for photo-type setting and composing machines; blocks, plates and cylinders and other printing components; book binding machinery and machines for uses ancillary to printing (stockers, feeders, folders, gummers, staplers)
29295 Manufacture of molding boxes for metal foundry; mould bases; molding patterns, mould for metals (other than ingot moulds); metal carbides, glass, mineral materials, rubber or plastics and other parts special purpose machinery, not elsewhere classified.
29296 Manufacture of cement machinery
29297 Manufacture of pharmaceutical and chemical machinery
29298 Manufacture of centrifugal cloth dryers, machines to assemble electric or electronic lamps, tubes or bulbs in glass envelopes; machines for production of hot-working of glass or glassware; machinery for isotopic separation
29298(A) Repair and maintenance of other special purpose machinery
29301 Manufacture of oil stoves, hurricane lanterns and oil pressure lamps
29302 Manufacture of gas stoves, cooking ranges and other similar appliances
29303 Manufacture of electric fans
29304 Manufacture of vacuum cleaners and other electro-mechanical domestic appliances with self-contained electric motors, such as food processors and juice extractors etc.
29305 Manufacture of electro-thermal domestic appliances such as immersion water heaters, hot-plates, geysers; electro-thermal hair dressing appliances; electric irons and electric/electronic cooking appliances (ovens, micro-wave ovens, cookers, hot plates, toasters, coffee or tea makers etc.)
29306 Manufacture of domestic refrigerators/freezers
29307 Manufacturing of items based on solar energy like solar cookers, air/water heating system etc. except cell.
29308 Manufacture of other electric domestic appliances n.e.c. : dishwashers, household type laundry equipment, electric razors including parts and accessories for electrical domestic appliances
29309 Manufacture of other (non-electric) domestic appliances n.e.c. and part and accessories for electrical and non-electric domestic appliances

30003 Manufacture of hand-held or desk-top calculating machines; other calculators; accounting machines, cash registers, postage franking machines, ticket issuing machines and similar machines incorporating a calculating device.
30006 Manufacture of complete digital systems comprising a central processing unit, an input unit and an output unit; digital systems which include peripheral units such as additional input/output units, additional storage units etc
30009 Manufacture of automatic data processing machines and other computing machinery, including parts and accessories for computing machinery n.e.c.

31101 Manufacture of generators/generating sets
31102 Manufacture of transformers of all sizes and types & rewinding of electric motors
31103 Manufacture of electric motors : universal AC/DC motors and DC motors or generators
31104 Manufacture of converters all types (including inverters)
31108 Repair and maintenance of electric motors, generators and transformers
31109 Manufacture of all types of rectifiers, battery charges, inductors etc. n.e.c
31300 Manufacture of insulated wire and cable [insulated (including enamelled or anodized) wire, cable (including coaxial cable) and other insulated conductors; insulated strip as is used in large capacity machines or control equipment; and optical fiber cables]
31401 Manufacture of electric accumulators: lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, nickel-iron or other accumulators
31402 Manufacture of primary cells and primary batteries: cells containing manganese oxide, mercuric oxide, silver oxide or other material
31403 Manufacture of parts and accessories such as separators, containers, etc.
31404 Re-charging/re-conditioning of batteries
31501 Manufacture of electric filament lamps including manufacture of sealed beam lamp units
31502 Manufacture of ultra-violet or infra -red lamps
31503 Manufacture of discharge lamps, florescent, hot-cathode or other discharge lamps
31504 Manufacture of arc lamps
31505 Manufacture of flash bulbs used in photography
31506 Manufacture of lighting equipment, illuminated signs, illuminated name -plates and the like; flash light; torch; parts of electric lamps and lighting equipment (manufacture of lighting equipment for cycles and motor vehicles is classified in class 3190) parts of electric lamps
31901 Manufacture of electrical ignition or starling equipment of a kind used for spark ignition or compression ignition internal combustion engines; ignition magnetos,
31902 Manufacture of electrical lighting (other than sealed beam lamp units) or signaling including sound signaling equipment specialized for use on cycles and motor vehicles; windscreen wipers and electric defrosters and de-misters
31904 Manufacture of electro-magnets; electro-magnetic or permanent magnet chucks, clutches, brakes, couplings, clamps or lifting heads
31905 Manufacture of wiring sets including wiring sets of a kind used in vehicles, aircraft, ships or other machinery
31906 Manufacture of dynamos for cycles and motor-cycles
31907 Manufacture of electric sound or visual signaling apparatus (bells, sirens, indicators panels, burglar or fire alarms etc.)
31908 Carbon or graphite electrodes, carbon brush, lamp carbons, battery carbon with or without metals used for electronic purpose
31908(A) Repair and maintenance of other electrical equipment n.e.c.

32104 Manufacture of printed circuits i.e. circuits which are made by forming on an insulating base, by conventional or non-conventional printing process, conductor elements, contacts or other printed elements.
32106 Manufacture of electronic integrated circuit and micro-assemblies: monolithic or hybrid and electronic micro-assemblies of moulded module, micro-module or similar types.
32205 Manufacture of reception apparatus for radio-telephony or radio-telegraphy, including apparatus combined with sound recording or reproducing apparatus or a clock
32208 Repair and maintenance of television and radio transmitters and apparatus for line telephony and line telegraphy
32302 Manufacture of reception apparatus for radio broadcasting (includes apparatus with sound recording or reproducing apparatus or a clock).
32308(A) Repair and maintenance of television and radio receivers, sound or video recording or reproducing apparatus, and associated goods
32309 Manufacture of microphones, loudspeakers, ear-phone, amplifiers, sound amplifier sets and other sound/video reproducing apparatus n.e.c.

33111 Manufacture of apparatus based on the use of X-rays or alpha, beta or gamma radiations, whether or not for use in human or animal medicine. Included is the manufacture of X-ray tubes, high tension generators, control panels, desks, screens and the like
33112 Manufacture of instruments and appliances used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary practice, including electro-diagnostic apparatus such as electrocardiographs, dental drill engines, ophthalmic instruments including sight testing sets, syringes, needles used in medicine and the like
33113 Manufacture of sterilizers
33114 Manufacture of mechanic-therapy appliances; massage apparatus; artificial respiration or other therapeutic respiratory apparatus; other breathing appliances and gas masks other than simple protective masks
33115 Manufacture of orthopedic appliances including crutches, surgical belts and trusses, orthopedic corsets and shoes; splints and other fracture appliances; appliances worn, carried or implanted (e.g. hearing aids or pace makers etc.)
33116 Manufacture of artificial teeth, artificial limbs and other artificial parts of the body
33121 Manufacture of regulating or controlling instruments and apparatus except industrial process control equipment: thermostats, pressure controllers, level regulators and automatic regulators of electrical quantities
33122 Manufacture of supply meters for electricity, water or gas
33123 Manufacture of sensitive balances and mathematical calculating instruments (e.g. measuring rods and tapes, micrometers, calipers, gauges etc.)
33124 Manufacture of radar apparatus and radio remote control apparatus
33126 Manufacture of navigational, meteorological, geophysical and related instruments and apparatus oceanographic or hydrological instruments; seismometers, rangefinders, automatic pilots, sextants, ultrasonic sounding instruments and special instruments for air navigation
33127 Manufacture of specialised parts and accessories for instruments and apparatus included in this group.
33130 Manufacture of industrial process control equipment [apparatus used for automatic continuous measurement and control of variables such as temperature, pressure, viscosity and the like of materials or products as they are being manufactured or otherwise processed]
33201 Manufacture of optical elements of glass or of any material; prisms and lenses, mirrors constituting optical elements; colour filters, polarizing elements; ophthalmic lenses, including contact lenses; optical fibers and cables of optical fibers not individually sheathed [(manufacture of optical sheathed fibers is classified in class 3130)glass (except mirror glass) and lenses
33202 Manufacture of spectacle frames and frames fitted with lenses, whether or not the lenses are optically worked (e.g. sun glasses, protective glasses and corrective glasses)
33203 Manufacture of optical instruments such as binoculars, monoculors, other optical telescopes and their mountings; optical astronomical instruments; compound
33208 Manufacture of specialized parts and accessories for photographic/cinematographic and optical instruments, n.e.c. (e.g. discharge lamps and other flashlight apparatus, but not flash bulbs; projection screens etc.)
33209 Manufacture of other photographic, cinematographic and optical instruments and apparatus n.e.c.: image projectors, enlargers and reducers including microfilm readers; and apparatus for photographic or cinematographic laboratories)
33301 Manufacture of watches and clocks of all kinds
33302 Manufacture of parts and accessories for watches and clocks: watch and clock cases, including cases of precious metals; watch and clock movements; metal watch straps, watch bands and watch bracelets including those of precious metals; watch and clock springs, jewels, dials, ; and other parts

34101 Manufacture of heavy motor vehicles: buses and vans principally designed for transport of persons
34102 Manufacture of motor vehicles for the transport of goods: ordinary lorries, trucks and goods vans; lorries with automatic discharging devices, tankers, drop frame lorries, refuse collectors, etc. ; special purpose motor lorries and trucks e.g. motor breakdown lorries, armoured cars, street sweepers, mobile medical and dental clinics, travelling libraries etc.; also included over-the-road tractors for semi-trailers
34103 Manufacture of motor cars
34104 Manufacture of jeeps and station wagons
34107 Manufacture of compression-ignition or spark-ignition reciprocating or rotary internal combustion engines used to power motor vehicles
34201 Manufacture of bodies (including cabs) designed to be mounted on motor vehicle chassis, bodies for vehicles without chassis and unit construction bodies; bodies for passenger vehicles, lorries and special purpose vehicles; bodies of metal, ood, plastics or combination of these or other material
34202 Manufacture of trailers and semi-trailers designed to be drawn by mo tor vehicles, including rail-road trailers; parts of trailers and semi-trailers
34203 Manufacture of containers (including the containers for the transport of fluids) specially designed and equipped for carriage by one or more modes of transport

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