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India - Research, Development, Commercial Design and Innovation - Case Studies - December Review

Engineers India Limited  )

Visbreaker (Coil and Soaker) Technology for Petroleum residual fractions

Delayed Coking Technology

Diesel Hydro treating (DHDT) Technology

Spent caustic treatment

Tata Steel - TISCO Research Groups

Research and Development is carried out in the areas of raw materials, blast furnace productivity, steel making, product development, and process improvement keeping these operations in readiness for any challenge.

Raw materials and Coke making (RC) Research Group
Iron and Ferro Alloys (IFA) Research Group
Steel Making and Casting (SMC) Research Group
Product Research Group
Coated Product (CP) Research Group
Materials Characterization and Joining (MCJ) Research Group
Materials Modeling and Product Design (MMPD) Research Group
Research Application

International Conference on Science and Technology of Steel Making
December 16-18, 2013

at Jamshedpur jointly organized by Tata Steel and National Metallurgical Laboratory

National Research Development Corporation (NRDC)

Awards for 2011 Innovations

A Novel Composition for Eco-benign Tanning

Dr. C. Muralidharan, Prof. A.B. Mandal, Shri V. John Sundar and Shri T.
Rangaswamy of CSIR - Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai have been
jointly awarded `5 Lakh (Rupees Five Lakh) for the development of “A Novel
Composition for Eco-benign Tanning”. The chrome tanning composition is
capable of eliminating salinity associated with tanning of hides and skins in
leather making. The technology not only eliminates salt usage but also enables
avoiding two process steps namely, pickling and basification of hides and skins
thus providing a much awaited path for greening of tanneries.
The tanning composition can easily be formulated by tanners using readily
available chemicals. The new composition helps reducing usage of tanning
agent by a minimum of 25% as compared to conventional tanning salt used in
leather processing. The novel tanning composition while changing century old
tanning process has added economic and environmental benefits to leather

Medical Non-reusable Syringe

Dr. Baby Manoj P P of Micro Equipment Research and Development Systems
(MERADS), Kozhikode, Kerala has been awarded `5 Lakh (Rupees Five Lakh) for
the development of a "Medical Non-reusable Syringe." This single use safe
syringe termed as Peanut safe can be deactivated by the user after use, by
breaking off the needle connected with the syringe hub simply by pressing a
protective cap provided above the needle. The syringe is broken through a
circumferential groove around the needle connecting hub of the syringe, thus
disabiling its reuse. The innovation provides a much needed solution to diseases
transmitted by reuse of contaminated syringes.

Automatic, Continuous, Energy and Water  Conserving, Hygienic Process for Manufacturing Improved Quality Jaggery

Shri Ashok Atre, Shri Sham Bhor, Shri Sopan Mate, Ms. Asmita Atre and Shri
Anand Atre of Transparent Energy Systems Private Limited, Pune have been
jointly awarded `3 Lakh (Rupees Three Lakh) for the development of
“Automatic, Continuous, Energy and Water Conserving, Hygienic Process for
Manufacturing Improved Quality Jaggery”.
The commercially feasible process is not only capable of achieving consistent
quality of chemical free jaggery, but also produces valuable revenue
generating products, Viz. distilled water of reusable quality and surplus
bagasse. The process is completely environment friendly, complying with all
soil, air and water pollution control norms and is efficient in terms of land and
fuel usage. The process provides technological up-gradation to rural cottage
industry and promises to boost rural economy through value addition to
agricultural produce.

Novel Technique For Enhancing the Pollution Flashover Strength of Ceramic Disc Insulators

Dr. Subba Reddy Basappa of High Voltage Lab, Department of Electrical
Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has been awarded `3 Lakh
(Rupees Three Lakh) for the development of a “Novel Technique For Enhancing
the Pollution Flashover Strength of Ceramic Disc Insulators.” The innovation
aims to enhance the pollution flashover strength of the disc insulator's by
reducing the maximum surface field by employing the developed novel field
control elements/electrodes. It ensures an overall improvement of 15 to 20%
for all the types of disc insulators used in the country.
The suggested novel technique is very simple to implement and could be
employed either during the manufacture or retrofitting of the existing
insulator discs. This proven technique would be of immense benefit to the
society in particularly to the industries in addressing the power interruptions
regularly caused by contamination induced flashovers.

WIPO Gold Medal for Best Inventor of the Year 2011

Dr. Baby Manoj P. P. of Micro Equipment Research and Development
Systems (MERADS), Kozhikode, Kerala has also been awarded WIPO Gold
Medal for best inventor of the year 2011 for the development of a “Medical
Non-reusable Syringe.”

WIPO Gold Medal for Best Women Inventor of the Year 2011

Ms. Asmita Atre has also been awarded a WIPO Gold Medal for best woman
inventor of the year 2011 for the development of “Automatic, Continuous,
Energy and Water Conserving, Hygienic Process for Manufacturing
Improved Quality Jaggery.”

Technologies available for Commercialisation September 2013

• Manufacture of Potassium Humate from 
• Karnataka Rice Hybrid‐2 (KRH‐2) 
• Biopesticidal Neemagel 
• Superabsorbent Hydrogel 
• Extraction of Azadirachtin and Neem based 
biopesticidal formulation 
• Manufacture of Stable Azadirachtin and its 
• Dengue Detection Kit 
• A Novel PCR‐RFLP Assay for 
Identification of Pathogenic 
Mycrobacteria Causing TB and TB like 
• Mosquito Larvicidal Formulation 
based on Bt var. israelensis 
• Soleckshaw 
• Auto‐ dipper 
• Novel Cigrette Filter 
• Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

(An Enterprise of DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India) 
20‐22, Zamroodpur Community Centre, Kailash Colony Extn, New Delhi 110048 
Tel: 011‐29240401 to 08, Fax: 011‐29240409 & 10 
Website:; e‐mail: 

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Productivity Programs and Initiatives in BEL Competitor Companies


Thales Solutions Asia - Documents Management Productivity Improvement

Thales UK  Desktop virtualization project


Thales group productivity plans

A performance plan, from which Thales expects a productivity improvement of €1.3bn over the next
5 years. This productivity effort is a prerequisite to keep the Group's competitiveness and will
mobilise everyone within the company. It will aim at:
• Bringing down the non-quality costs and increasing customer satisfaction, in order to align the
whole Group to the levels achieved by its best-performing units,
• Raising the efficiency of engineering, industrialisation, supply chain and information systems,
• Significantly decreasing the overhead costs.

Indian Companies

L&T - Radar, Communications
Mahindra Defence
Tata Strategic Defence Electronics
Godrej Aerospace
Alfa El;ectronics



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Lucas TVS Limited - JIT Grandprix Winner - 2002 - 2006

 in July 2002, Lucas-TVS became the first company outside Japan and Korea to bag the prestigious Japanese award, JIT Grand Prix, from JIT Management Laboratory Co. JIT Grand Prix is awarded to a company that has successfully used and adopted JIT Management Techniques over the years.

Lucas-TVS, a leading manufacturer of auto electricals, has once again bagged the Japanese Award, "JIT Grand prix" from the JIT management Laboratory Co. Ltd., Japan, for the work done during 2005-06 on JIT Methodology among other companies.

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Bharat Electronics Limited - Product Profile

Army Communication Products
Home/Products/Defence/Army Communication Systems

VHF Base Station (LVM 294)
VHF Repeater Station (LVS 297)
Secure UHF Radio (LUP 291)
Base Station
UHF Base Station (LUM 295)
UHF Repeater Station (LUS 296)
Man Pack/Vehicular
V/UHF Transreceiver (LUP 322)
V/UHF AM/FM Transreceiver – INCOM Compatible (LUP 329)
Secure VHF Handheld Radio (LVP 285)
Encryption Products
Secure Telephone for PSTN Network (Cryptel)
Subscriber End Encryption Device (SEED)
Bulk Encryption Unit – Secure Multi Interface Link Encryptor (SMILE)
Burst Error Control System for Teleprinter (BEST)
Spurt Message Alphanumeric Radio Terminal (SMART)
Handheld Field Ciphering / Deciphering Equipment (CORAL)
IP Encryptors
Duplex Crypto Device (BEACON MK III)
Secure Data Adaptor (SDA)
2 MBPS Link Encryptor
Link Encryptor for Versatile Environment (LIVE)
MFTDMA Encryptor
CDMA Handset Encryptor
Satcom Encryptor
STM 1 Bulk Encryption Unit
STM 16 Bulk Encryption Unit
Radio Relays
UHF Radio Relay
Military Switching & Network
Semi Ruggedised Automatic Exchange (SRAX Mk II)
Unit Level Switch Board (ULSB Mk III)
Network Control & Management System (NCMS)
Automatic Electronic Switch (AES Mk II – E972)
Data Communication
Stand Alone Communication Unit (SACU – 3100)
Hand Held Radio Terminal (HART)
Shelterised Multilayer Military Communication Network
Digital Mobile Radio Relay (DMRR)
Mobile Communication Terminal (MCT)
Strategic Communication System
Multilayer Voice & Data Network
Satellite Based Secure Communication Platform
Products Under Development
Software Defined Radio

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Kirloskar Brothers Limited - Productivity - Cost Reduction Drive

Our productivity is one-tenth in comparison to China. China has high quality workforce and has achieved excellent productivity level by sweating of assets and effective utilization of available resources.

BMGI India - Lean Systems Consultancy

Breakthrough Management Group International (BMGI), a global consulting firm with a strong focus on delivering results, partners with organizations in various stages of their business life cycle to transform their business performance. BMGI is recognized as the world leader in harnessing the power of cutting edge techniques in the area of Innovation, Strategy, ProblemSolving and BusinessTransformation for achieving tangible business results. BMGI enables businesses drive growth and improve profitability. Headquartered in the US, BMGI has offices in 13 countries around the globe.

BMGI has delivered cumulative benefits to its clients worth several billion dollars with an ROI of 5:1 to 20:1.

In India, BMGI is located in Mumbai.

71B, Mittal Court Nariman Point, Mumbai, Pin-400021, India

For More Information, Contact:

Business Division

Vishnupriya Sharma
Phone : +91 22 4002 0045
Email :
Corporate Office

Divesh Sawhney
Phone : +91 22 4002 0045
Email :

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India - Productivity Improvement Projects - Examples - 2012

Pune Productivity Council

Sr Case study No. Company Case Study Title

1 5 Tata Motors Limited, (Nano machine shop car plant-Pune.) Productivity improvement case study on machine availability improvement.
2 7 Tata Motors Limited, Nano machine shop car plant-Pune. Productivity improvement case study in nano machine shop car plant – Pune.
3 9 Tata Motors Limited, Nano Engine Assembly Car Plant-Pune. Need of production per shift to increase from 75 units to 100 units.
4 10 Minda Industries ltd (Switch Division) Pune. Productivity Improvement through losses elimination of left hand bar    switch assembly line and soldering line.
5 15 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Nagpur. Productivity Improvement by 15% to meet the production requirement of 400 control valves in 2 shifts.
6 16 Mahindra & Mahindra Nashik. (Scorpio). To meet higher market demand at cheaper cost.
7 22 Bharat Electronics Limited Modification of alignment method of holder fixing through X-Ray Radiation to Optical Method for DRA1 X-Ray tube
8 30 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Kandivali Plant. To improve utilization of resource i.e Man, Machine & Material.
9 32 Tata Blue Scope Steel Limited, Pune. Automation of stacker & conveyor on Trimdek Roll Forming Machine.
10 33 Tata Blue Scope Steel Limited, Pune. Optimum utilization of diesel generator power.
11 42 MGI COUTIER Exotech Industries Pvt. Ltd. Process Improvent in MFG Of Air Brake
12 31 Grindwell Norton – Saint Gobain Abrasives Ltd. Reduction in Rework & Customer Complaint for Small Wheel Sulphur Treatment product.
13 John Deere Capacity enhancement
14 John Deere Poka-yoke (Transmission)
Category -  Engg & Auto-   Associate
15 48 John Deere Energy conservation
16 49 John Deere Productivity improvement
17 50 John Deere Poka-yoke / Mistake proofing at Engine Assembly.

Sr Case study No. Company Case Study Title

1 47 Classic Auto Tubes Ltd. / Apollo Tyres Ltd. Reduce Scrap Cost due to Fly Loss
2 19 Mahindra Hinoday Industries Ltd. To meet 100% demand increase in induction cook top coils.
3 21 Maxtech Sintered Product Pvt Ltd. Receiving time reduction by VSM for product family Hego Boss.
4 4 Hindalco Industries Limited, Taloja. Improvement in Canron cold rolling mill speeds.
5 12 Hindalco Industries Ltd. Rolling emulsion bypass line modification.
6 1 Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited, Thal. Productivity improvement by steam saving. (Urea Plant)
7 2 Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited, Thal. Provision of Two Pressure Cooling water system by Cooling water Header Bifurcation
8 3 Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Limited, Thal. Productivity improvement by revamping Synthesis Gas Compressor Drive Turbine.
9 35 Tube Products of India Limited. Recovering the loss increasing increase in per shift output of 50 ton draw bench.
10 36 Tube Products of India Limited. Man power reduction by reducing material handling on new SINICO machine.

Sr Case study No. Company Case Study Title

1 8 Tata Motors Limited, Maval foundry. Energy conservation in melting shop.
2 11 Ashok Iron Works Pvt Ltd. Productivity improvement by reducing internal rejection.
3 20 Mahindra Hinoday Industries Ltd. To focus on preventive actions to eliminate equipment failures / breakdowns in order to ensure availability & reliability of equipments & to minimize cost of maintenance (TPM).
4 27 Mahindra Hinoday Industries Limited, Pune. Zero Breakdown Approach For Machine Availability up by TPM way.
5 28 Mahindra Hinoday Industries Limited, Pune. Improvement on G200TCI Flywheel Magnet (MHIL part no PD 1319) for crack & strength defect.
6 23 Excel Industries Limited, Roha. Productivity improvement case study by doing modification in ETP Slurry handling centrifugal Pumps & ETP Aerators for bioreactors.
7 37 Tube Products of India Limited. To eliminate manual tag cutting operation at SOOCO cutting machine to achieve 100% OTD in front fork.
8 38 Tube Products of India Limited. To eliminate wastage of abrasive cutting wheels by converting used abrasive cutting wheels into grinding wheels.
9 39 Epcos India Limited. Reduction in setting time and scrap during slitting of wave cut free margin profiles.
10 40 Epcos India Limited. Elimination of Excess consumption of Spray Wire.
11 41 Epcos India Limited. Reduction in setting time and scrap during slitting of wave cut free margin profiles.
12 45 SKF India Limited To improved productivity on bearing components machining.
13 6 BSA Facilities Limited Pune. Elimination of customer complaints in main wiring harness.
14 26 Seinumero Nirman Pvt. Ltd. POKA-YOKE (Mistake Proofing) of Tapped Holes missing on Magna-flanges.

Sr Case study No. Company Title

1 13 L.G Electronics, Pune. Error free operation in compressor model and circuit diagram fixing.
2 14 Essel Propack Ltd. Reduce changeover time lami tubes from 342 minutes to 60 minutes.
3 17 TATA TOYO Radiator Ltd. Productivity improvement of X3 Nano ECS assembly from 207 units / day to 347 units / day.
4 18 TATA TOYO Radiator Ltd. JD Radiator assembly quality improvement.
5 24 Godrej & Boyce Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Reduce vacuum forming process rejections by using Six-sigma methodology.
6 25 Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd (Automotive sector, Nasik). Capacity Enhancement & Manpower Optimization.
7 29 Tata Motors Limited, CVBU - Pune. KAIZEN Methodology for Breakthrough Improvements.
8 34 05 TATA Motors Limited, Pune. Uptime improvement in NANO engine testing car plant. Productivity improvement case study on machine availability improvement.
9 44 Kirloskar Brothers Development of UP & TB Pump  Improved Assembly process to increase productivity from 2 to 6 Pumps / man/shift.
10 46 Kirloskar Brothers Reduction in throughput time of large SCT thru bore Pumps from 14 Hrs to 8 hrs. By DFMA & Process Improvement.
11 43 Kirloskar Brothers Productivity improvement by reduction in manufacturing process time of SCT Pumps from 23 hrs per pump to 6 Hrs per pump. Discharge head quality improvement.
12 John Deere Equipment Pvt. Ltd. Vehicle shop capacity enhancement through lean.

Bharat Electronics Limited - Cost Reduction - Efficiency Improvement

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) is a state-owned electronics company with about nine factories.

It is owned by the Indian Government & primarily manufactures advanced electronic products for the Defence. BEL is one of the eight PSUs under Ministry of Defence, Government Of India. It has earned the government's Navratna status.

BEL designs, develops and manufactures products in the fields of:

Electronic Voting Machines
BEL Weapon Locating Radar
BEL Battle Field Surveillance Radar
Indian Doppler Radar
Samyukta Electronic Warfare System
Central Acquisition Radar (3D-CAR)
Reporter Radar
Sound and Vision Broadcasting
Information Technology
Akash (missile)
Composite Communication System (CCS)
Fire-control system
Electronic Warfare Systems
Samyukta Electronic Warfare System
Tank electronics
Combined day sight for Arjun MBT
Defence Communications
Data Link II communications system for the Indian Navy’s P-8I
Combat Management system for Indian Navy
Solar systems
Naval systems
A low-cost tablet pc being used in Socio-Economic Caste Census 2011
Biometrics Capturing for Nation Population Register.
Encrypters for Ministry of Home Affairs
IFF(Identify Friend or Foe) secondary Radar


Units of Bharat Electronics Limited are in the following cities and towns

Bangalore (Corporate Head Office)
Chennai, Tamilnadu
Panchkula (Haryana)
Kotdwara, (UttaraKhand)
Ghaziabad, (Uttar Pradesh)
Navi Mumbai

Cost Reduction Project by a Summer Intern

1) Servo Controller Tester

Developing a low cost, efficient and reliable system for testing “Servo Motor Controllers (SMC)” developed by BEL. The project simulated the antenna’s rotation based on the SMC’s power and control output.
the project  focused on the Doppler Weather Radar's (DWR) Servo Motor Controller (SMC).
The system setup description
It has a custom CPU core developed on a Virtex-4 FPGA, acting as the main processing element of the SMC.
This FPGA receives control signals from a radar controller via a LAN setup.
The antenna setup consists of a 4 ton S-Band antenna, 2 Servo motors to rotate the antenna in both elevation and azimuth positions, a rotary encoder to relay back the current position of the antenna to the SMC.
Once the rotation positions are received from the Radar Controller, the FPGA then controls an Azimuth amplifier and a Elevation amplifier which in turn drives an Isolation amplifier with a 3 Phase, 70KV AC output.
The power output of the isolation amplifier is then fed to the servo motor of the antenna which makes it rotate proportionately.
The SMC reads the current position of the encoder via a clock and data line. Clock lines and data lines are of RS485 to enable long distance noiseless transmission.
Now, to test a Servo Controller, BEL had to install the antenna setup which is a 4 ton S-Band antenna, build the "Redome" and then perform the testing. This costs BEL nearly INR 2,500,000 ($50,000) and nearly 3 months of labor to install the setup.

Project aimed at reducing the complexity involved in testing the SMC by developing a simulator of the antenna. This development involved interfacing with the SMC's ASIC core and the output power to the Servo Motor.

The design had an Analog Front End (AFE) and the MSP430 micro controller. The AFE interfaced the MSP to the Isolation Amplifier Output which usually drives the Servo Motor, and also to a reference clock (again differential) and a differential data transmission unit, all of which are in RS-485 standards and had to be reduced to the 3.3V logic of the MSP controller.

It is currently being used by BEL to test their Servo Motor Controllers.

2) A Universal antenna simulator with on-board programming support for ASIC adaptability

It is an extension of my project “Servo Controller Tester”.
BEL develops 2 versions of Doppler Weather Radars (DWR)’s, the C-Band and the S-Band radars. The SMC for each is different and so is the interface b/w the SMC and antenna.
This project allows the testing equipment to be reprogrammed with minor modification in the clock and counter sequence of the MSP430 controller for testing any version of the SMC. Since the interface unit to the antenna remains unchanged, there is no need for any modifications in the Analog Front End of the new  system.
It “adapts” to the ASIC used in the SMC.

The cost of testing using new system Rs. 1600 instead of the cost of old system Rs. 25,00,000.

Cost reduction efforts were due to design change, indigenization, and alternative sources of procurement.

During the period 2007-08 to 2009-10 the company achieved cost reduction of 398.23 cr. which was only  2.72 percent of total value of production.

Out of that Rs. 155.80 cr was due to negotiations with vendors.

Government of India Audit Report April 2011

26 October 2013
Rani Vergis, GM (finance)/BEL-Bangalore
Rani Vergis joined BEL-Ghaziabad in September 1985 after completing B.Com (Hons) from Delhi University and Chartered Accountancy. In a span of 24 years, she worked in all areas of finance at BEL-Ghaziabad. She served as Finance Head of Ghaziabad Unit and Military Radars and Military Communications SBUs of BEL-Bangalore before being transferred to BEL’s Corporate Office. She won the BEL Executive Excellence Award in the year 2002-03. She has also served as Secretary and later as Chairman of the BEL Provident Fund Trust (Northern Units) and has been a member of the Productivity Steering Committee of BEL-Bangalore and Corporate Steering Committee for cost reduction in BEL.

BEL Project report

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2012 - Top 10 Industrial Engineering Research Papers by Indian Professors

Continuous improvement approach: state-of-art review and future implications

Jagdeep Singh
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Regional Institute of Management & Technology-Institute of Engineering
& Technology, Mandi Gobindgarh, India, and
Harwinder Singh
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College,
Ludhiana, India
International Journal of Lean Six Sigma, Vol. 3 No. 2, 2012, pp. 88-111

Sri. M. Rajesh: “Effect of Various Parameters of an Automobile for Fuel Economy: A Review”. International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Technology, Vol 3, 2011, pp 179-184.

Dr. N.V.R. Naidu & Sri. M. Rajesh: Effect of Tire Pressure on Fuel Economy of an Automobile” Journal of Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, Vol.II, Issue No.2, pp. 26 – 28, Feb 2012

Dr. N.V.R. Naidu & Dr. C.S. Chethan Kumar :Improve the Production Processes in Medium and Small Scale Industry,  National Journal Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, Vol III, Issue I, 2012

Dr. C.S. Chethan Kumar:  Application of VSM to Improve the Production Processes in Medium and Small Scale Industry”. National Journal Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, Vol III, Issue I, 2012.

Sri. M. Rajesh :Effect of Tire Pressure on Fuel Economy of an Automobile, Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering, Vol.II, Issue No.2, pp. 26 – 28, Feb 2012

Major Health Risk Factors prevailing in Garment Manufacturing Units of Jaipur.
Department of Clothing and Textile, IIS University, Jaipur, India
Mehta, Journal of  Ergonomics 2012, 2:2

Thursday, August 1, 2013

2012 - Top 10 Finance Research Papers by Indian Professors

Proposed papers (Give your choice or proposals in comments)

Dr. M. Thiripalraju,  "Initial Public Offering (IPO) Grading, Intermediation Costs, Early Liquidity and Returns: Indian Experience" submitted at the 42nd Annual Meeting-2012 organized by Financial Management Association International, University of South Florida, College of Business Administration, Tampa, Florida to be held at Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia on October 17 -20, 2012.

Kohli R. and Singh, B. S. M. (2012), “Acquiring Company Wealth Gains in Domestic and Cross Border Acquisitions in India”, International Business Review, Elsevier, Vol. 21, No. 6, pp. 998-1016.

Kohli R. and Singh, B. S. M. (2012), “Do Brand Acquisitions Create Wealth for Acquiring Company Shareholders? Evidence from India”, Journal of Product & Brand Management, Emerald, Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 265-274.

Rahul Singh. Behavioural Pattern of FDI Inflows: Autoregressive Study, International Business Research; Vol. 5, No. 10; 2012.

Rahul Singh, An Empirical Examination of Volatility Spillovers between Indian and US Swap Markets, International Journal of Emerging Markets, Vol 7, Iss:3, 2012.

Tandon D. , Tandon N, Ahuja P,  ( Jan 2012 ) An Empirical Analysis Of The Price Movements Of Futures Prices Of Brent Crude Oil On The Energy Sector  Companies In Indian Bourse Zenith International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research   Vol.2 Issue 1, January 2012, ISSN 2231 5780

Ahuja NL and Ahuja BR (2012), “Intellectual Capital Approach to Performance Evaluation: A Case Study of the Banking Sector in India”, published in 'International Research Journal of Finance and Economics', pp. 110-122, issue 93 July 2012, published by EuroJournals, Inc., United Kindom.

Mittal S. and Mayur M. (2012) “Ownership Change and Deterioration of Performance in Post-IPO Period: A Panel Data Analysis of Indian Firms”. The IUP Journal of Corporate Governance, Vol. XI, No. 2.

Manish Sinha, The Impact of Interest Rate Futures on the underlying Interest Rate Markets in India

2012, Developing Country Studies, 

Kaur, Manpreet, Yadav, Surendra S. and Gautam, Vinayshil (2012), FDI and current account deficit-A causality analysis in context of India, Journal of International Business and Economy, Vol. 13(2), pp 85-106.

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Training Matrix

Training matrix is a document made for a particular position having columns (C) containing information on:

C-1  The functions or Steps of Operations (SOs) for the position;

C-2 Knowledge required to perform C-1

C-3 Skills and abilities required to perform C-1

C-4 Tools and Resources available to perform C-1

C-5 The training methodology and programmes available to acquire C-2 and C-3.

This document is used to assess the training needs of an employee in the position.

Meetings - Some Suggestions

Meetings - Ground Rules

1. Agendas for all meetings
2. Document all next steps
3. Start/finish on time
4. Participate and Listen
5. NO side discussions
6. Be positive, have fun

In conference hall of Reliance Industries at Hazira Complex

Consumer Confidence Index in India

December 2002

Et-NFO Consumer Confidence Index was first published.

April 2002
Second survey of ET-NFO CCI was done.

November 2006
16th Survey was one Now ET-TNS Survey

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Fellowship Research Opportunity in NITIE in Industrial Engineering

If you are interested in doing doctoral  research in any of the following areas visit the

Human Effort Engineering - Techniques

1. Principles of Motion Economy
2. Motion Study
3. Workstation Design
4. Application of Ergonomics and Biomechanics
5. Fatigue Studies
6. Productivity/Safety/Comfort Device Design
7. Standardization of  Methods
8. Operator training
9. Incentive Systems
10. Job Evaluation
11. Learning effect capture
12. Work Measurement


1. Process Analysis
2. Operation Analysis
3. Layout Efficiency Analysis
4. Value engineering
5. Statistical quality control
6. Statistical inventory control and ABC Classification Based Inventory Sytems
7. Six sigma
8. Operations research
9. Variety reduction
10. Standardization
11. Incentive schemes
12. Waste reduction or elimination
13. Activity based management
14. Business process improvement
15. Fatigue analysis and reduction
16. Engineering economy analysis
17. Learning effect capture and continuous improvement (Kaizen, Quality circles and suggestion schemes)
18. Standard costing

Functional Solutions

1.Warehouse efficiency improvement
2. Warehouse 5S
3. Warehouse human effort engineering
4. Inventory control

You can send a mail to Dr. K.V.S.S. Narayana Rao, Professor, NITIE at kvssnrao55 at for more details or clarifications. Post graduate degree with 60% marks in any branch of engineering is required.