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India - Research, Development, Commercial Design and Innovation - Case Studies - December Review

Engineers India Limited  )

Visbreaker (Coil and Soaker) Technology for Petroleum residual fractions

Delayed Coking Technology

Diesel Hydro treating (DHDT) Technology

Spent caustic treatment

Tata Steel - TISCO Research Groups

Research and Development is carried out in the areas of raw materials, blast furnace productivity, steel making, product development, and process improvement keeping these operations in readiness for any challenge.

Raw materials and Coke making (RC) Research Group
Iron and Ferro Alloys (IFA) Research Group
Steel Making and Casting (SMC) Research Group
Product Research Group
Coated Product (CP) Research Group
Materials Characterization and Joining (MCJ) Research Group
Materials Modeling and Product Design (MMPD) Research Group
Research Application

International Conference on Science and Technology of Steel Making
December 16-18, 2013

at Jamshedpur jointly organized by Tata Steel and National Metallurgical Laboratory

National Research Development Corporation (NRDC)

Awards for 2011 Innovations

A Novel Composition for Eco-benign Tanning

Dr. C. Muralidharan, Prof. A.B. Mandal, Shri V. John Sundar and Shri T.
Rangaswamy of CSIR - Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai have been
jointly awarded `5 Lakh (Rupees Five Lakh) for the development of “A Novel
Composition for Eco-benign Tanning”. The chrome tanning composition is
capable of eliminating salinity associated with tanning of hides and skins in
leather making. The technology not only eliminates salt usage but also enables
avoiding two process steps namely, pickling and basification of hides and skins
thus providing a much awaited path for greening of tanneries.
The tanning composition can easily be formulated by tanners using readily
available chemicals. The new composition helps reducing usage of tanning
agent by a minimum of 25% as compared to conventional tanning salt used in
leather processing. The novel tanning composition while changing century old
tanning process has added economic and environmental benefits to leather

Medical Non-reusable Syringe

Dr. Baby Manoj P P of Micro Equipment Research and Development Systems
(MERADS), Kozhikode, Kerala has been awarded `5 Lakh (Rupees Five Lakh) for
the development of a "Medical Non-reusable Syringe." This single use safe
syringe termed as Peanut safe can be deactivated by the user after use, by
breaking off the needle connected with the syringe hub simply by pressing a
protective cap provided above the needle. The syringe is broken through a
circumferential groove around the needle connecting hub of the syringe, thus
disabiling its reuse. The innovation provides a much needed solution to diseases
transmitted by reuse of contaminated syringes.

Automatic, Continuous, Energy and Water  Conserving, Hygienic Process for Manufacturing Improved Quality Jaggery

Shri Ashok Atre, Shri Sham Bhor, Shri Sopan Mate, Ms. Asmita Atre and Shri
Anand Atre of Transparent Energy Systems Private Limited, Pune have been
jointly awarded `3 Lakh (Rupees Three Lakh) for the development of
“Automatic, Continuous, Energy and Water Conserving, Hygienic Process for
Manufacturing Improved Quality Jaggery”.
The commercially feasible process is not only capable of achieving consistent
quality of chemical free jaggery, but also produces valuable revenue
generating products, Viz. distilled water of reusable quality and surplus
bagasse. The process is completely environment friendly, complying with all
soil, air and water pollution control norms and is efficient in terms of land and
fuel usage. The process provides technological up-gradation to rural cottage
industry and promises to boost rural economy through value addition to
agricultural produce.

Novel Technique For Enhancing the Pollution Flashover Strength of Ceramic Disc Insulators

Dr. Subba Reddy Basappa of High Voltage Lab, Department of Electrical
Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has been awarded `3 Lakh
(Rupees Three Lakh) for the development of a “Novel Technique For Enhancing
the Pollution Flashover Strength of Ceramic Disc Insulators.” The innovation
aims to enhance the pollution flashover strength of the disc insulator's by
reducing the maximum surface field by employing the developed novel field
control elements/electrodes. It ensures an overall improvement of 15 to 20%
for all the types of disc insulators used in the country.
The suggested novel technique is very simple to implement and could be
employed either during the manufacture or retrofitting of the existing
insulator discs. This proven technique would be of immense benefit to the
society in particularly to the industries in addressing the power interruptions
regularly caused by contamination induced flashovers.

WIPO Gold Medal for Best Inventor of the Year 2011

Dr. Baby Manoj P. P. of Micro Equipment Research and Development
Systems (MERADS), Kozhikode, Kerala has also been awarded WIPO Gold
Medal for best inventor of the year 2011 for the development of a “Medical
Non-reusable Syringe.”

WIPO Gold Medal for Best Women Inventor of the Year 2011

Ms. Asmita Atre has also been awarded a WIPO Gold Medal for best woman
inventor of the year 2011 for the development of “Automatic, Continuous,
Energy and Water Conserving, Hygienic Process for Manufacturing
Improved Quality Jaggery.”

Technologies available for Commercialisation September 2013

• Manufacture of Potassium Humate from 
• Karnataka Rice Hybrid‐2 (KRH‐2) 
• Biopesticidal Neemagel 
• Superabsorbent Hydrogel 
• Extraction of Azadirachtin and Neem based 
biopesticidal formulation 
• Manufacture of Stable Azadirachtin and its 
• Dengue Detection Kit 
• A Novel PCR‐RFLP Assay for 
Identification of Pathogenic 
Mycrobacteria Causing TB and TB like 
• Mosquito Larvicidal Formulation 
based on Bt var. israelensis 
• Soleckshaw 
• Auto‐ dipper 
• Novel Cigrette Filter 
• Seaweed Extract Fertilizer

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Productivity Programs and Initiatives in BEL Competitor Companies


Thales Solutions Asia - Documents Management Productivity Improvement

Thales UK  Desktop virtualization project


Thales group productivity plans

A performance plan, from which Thales expects a productivity improvement of €1.3bn over the next
5 years. This productivity effort is a prerequisite to keep the Group's competitiveness and will
mobilise everyone within the company. It will aim at:
• Bringing down the non-quality costs and increasing customer satisfaction, in order to align the
whole Group to the levels achieved by its best-performing units,
• Raising the efficiency of engineering, industrialisation, supply chain and information systems,
• Significantly decreasing the overhead costs.

Indian Companies

L&T - Radar, Communications
Mahindra Defence
Tata Strategic Defence Electronics
Godrej Aerospace
Alfa El;ectronics



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Lucas TVS Limited - JIT Grandprix Winner - 2002 - 2006

 in July 2002, Lucas-TVS became the first company outside Japan and Korea to bag the prestigious Japanese award, JIT Grand Prix, from JIT Management Laboratory Co. JIT Grand Prix is awarded to a company that has successfully used and adopted JIT Management Techniques over the years.

Lucas-TVS, a leading manufacturer of auto electricals, has once again bagged the Japanese Award, "JIT Grand prix" from the JIT management Laboratory Co. Ltd., Japan, for the work done during 2005-06 on JIT Methodology among other companies.