Sunday, January 5, 2014

India - 12th Five Year Plan - 2012-17


The average of annual growth rates of GDP in agriculture and allied sectors during the Eleventh
Five Year Plan is now placed at 3.7 per cent. This is short of the target of 4 per cent


Needs processes for rapid learning

1. Interaction between diverse components of
the system—R&D, producers, customers,
Government, institutes of skill development and so
• Cluster development
• FDI and JVs
• Industry/research institute/academia partnership
• Higher education in the country
2. Creating ‘safe-failing’ spaces for experimentation
by firms
• Access to risk capital, technology funds
• Subsidy on interest costs
• PPP model of funding
3. Creating a regime of ‘Standards’ • Setting up a system of National Standards benchmarked to International
4. IP regime, which helps firms to build on each
other’s innovation
• Effective ‘IP’ regime
• Improving awareness of IP
5. System-wide improvement: Processes such as "Total Industrial Engineering",  ‘Total Quality Management’ and Total Productive Maintenance.
• Mainly the firm’s role to adopt such tools and increase organisational learning
• Nation-wide, and State-wide campaigns to improve "Total Productivity" and  ‘Total Quality’ in all enterprises, including MSMEs, should be sponsored by Government through institutions such as National Productivity Council,  Quality Council of India etc.

(Note: Productivty and Industrial Engineering are not there in the 12th plan document.)

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