Thursday, August 16, 2012

Six Months Plan for CAT

Six Month Map to Crack the Code

My views on mergers and acquisitions by Indian corporate sector were published in May 2007 issue of Career Economy.

In the same issue an article with the above title is published in pages 53 to 56. The important points of the article are:

1. Believe that you require only knowledge of 10th class mathematics to clear the cutoffs of quants portion.

1st month: In X class textbook revise the easy chapters like Equations, numbers, percentages. profit & loss, time & work, time & distance, ratios, proportions, averages, mixtures & alligation etc. Then develop some basic skills for faster calculations. Learn multiplication tables up to 30, squares and cubes up to 20 and inverses up to "15" by heart.

2nd month: Try to answer chapter wise problems in CAT guides and have a target of 1 to 1.5 minutes for each question.

3rd month: Start answering longer tests.

4th month: Join a test series and answer 30 to 35 mock test series. Get practice, practice, practice

5th month: If you are not clearing cutoffs in mock tests, go expert consulting. Now start studying chapters like mensuration, logarithms, surds and indices, permutations and combinations, probability and functions. They will contribute 3 to 4 extra marks.

6th month: Take limited number of tests and prepare based on their analysis. During the last 10 days before CAT, take proper rest. Don't try to learn new areas, but try to increase depth of your known topics.

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