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Business Policy and Strategic Management - Strategic Managment Study Material CA Course India

Volume 1 Chapter 2


1. Introduction
2. Business Policy as a Discipline
3. Meaning and The Nature of Management
4. What is a Strategy
5. Generic Strategic Alternatives
6. The Dynamics of Competitive Strategy
7. Strategic Management
8. Strategic Decision Making
9. The Task of Strategic Management
10. Vision, Mission and Objectives
11. Strategic Levels in Organizations

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Essay type Questions given in the study material

1. What do you understand by strategy? What are major strategic alternatives available to an organization?
2. Discuss different strategic levels in  organizations.
3. Discuss the strategic management process.

Some more questions
1. Explain the concept of competitiveness and the concept of competitive strategy.
2. How do you differentiate decision making and strategic decision making?


Important Issues and Points

4. What is a Strategy
A company's strategy is the game plan management is using to stake out market position, conduct its operations, attract and please customers, compete successfully, and achieve organizational objectives.

5. Generic Strategic Alternatives

According to William F. Glueck and Lawrence R. Jaunch, generic strategic alternatives are classified into four categories.

1. Business stability
2. Business expansion
3. Business retrenchment or contraction
4. Combination of above three - different strategies for different businesses in a corporate enterprise or for different products.

6. The Dynamics of Competitive Strategy


One hour lecture by Porter on Competitiveness of Countries

Chapter 1

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Chapter 3

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