Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tata First Dot Student Entrepreneurs' Support and Mentoring Platform - Send Your Application - Nomination

Tata organization and NEN have come together to develop a student entrepreneur platform to support students in their startup efforts. Already four annual events were conducted to invite nominations and applications from student entrepreneurs and provide inputs to them.

2014 event is over and 2015 event nomination may start from the month of September 2014.

Indian Made 3D printer

iPrint3D is a student startup producing 3D printers in the price range of Rs. 45,000 to 95,000.

For 2011 event, out of the entries, 61.62% were from engineering, 30.3% from management, 4% from commerce, 1% from science and 2% from other disciplines.

Article in Mint on 21 April 2011.

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